Case Study

Leading national aggregate processing company Fisher Sand & Gravel faced extensive government, community, and public relations challenges with the City of Phoenix, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Maricopa County Environmental Quality stemming from an asphalt plant located along the Salt River in Phoenix. Knowing its corporate reputation and carefully crafted brand was in danger and their long-term desire to continue work in the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County they enlisted our help to negotiate a win-win settlement over the disputed asphalt plant. While public officials, activists and neighbors protested permitting issues, as well as air and water quality violations, we took action to mitigate the blizzard of negative media coverage and facilitate meetings with City leadership to resolve the situation. Through the development and execution of an issues and crisis management plan, we turned the client’s negative press, developed a philanthropic strategy to boost its corporate social responsibility and reputation, and curbed the community and political fallout. The result reduced fines by nearly 75 percent, with the remaining amount converted into charitable contributions benefiting local nonprofits. And the company preserved its ability to do business in the City of Phoenix.