The Gentles Agency – Black Philanthropy 365 Challenge
Celebrating Black Philanthropy
Our Challenge to You: One Dollar a Day for 365 days

As a public relations agency dedicated to cultivating community and raising the bar for social good, The Gentles Agency commends the impactful work of the Arizona Community Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative under the leadership of Kim Covington. The need to support our most vulnerable families and children in Arizona is great. We all know this. Addressing issues in our community demands year-round attention, not just during Black History Month in February or Black Philanthropic Month in August.

The Gentles Agency challenges you to join us and make philanthropy part of your daily personal and professional lives. In keeping with the culture of our company and client family, our agency pledges $365 to support the Arizona Community Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Initiative. That’s $1 a day for every day of the year, a symbolic and real gesture to support causes that are important in our community. We invite your company, organization, family, church, fraternity, sorority and your circle of influence to join us.

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